By becoming a MindForward Alliance member, your business will accelerate its journey towards achieving a mentally healthy workplace in a measurable and sustainable way.

Why join?

Becoming a MindForward Alliance member will help your business:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of workplace mental health and challenge mental health stigma across your business
  • Develop the mental health literacy of your people, from Board level to individual staff, so they have the awareness and confidence to have conversations about mental health and have the knowledge to take action when appropriate
  • Sustain and embed workplace transformation by ensuring that good mental health practice is owned by business leaders and integrated into the strategic priorities of the business

You will also be part of an established alliance of businesses that are leading a movement for change in workplace mental health across Singapore, through our work with industry influencers, regulators and Governments.
Read our Membership FAQS to find out if your organisation could be part of this global alliance.

Membership benefits

Members have access to the full MindForward Alliance Thriving at Work Programme, which brings together business-led, expert guided support, including:

  • An annual workplace assessment
  • Practical guidance and toolkits
  • Ongoing expert consultancy
  • A full programme of events for senior leaders and wellbeing and HR professionals.

All MindForward Alliance resources and tools draw on the extensive knowledge and experience from across our membership base, as well as mental health experts and available evidence. The MindForward Alliance team works hand in hand with members at a leadership (Board) and operational (HR/Wellbeing/Recruitment) level to provide you with bespoke support.

Find out more about our membership benefits or contact us to find out how your organisation can become a member of the MindForward Alliance.

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Membership FAQs

Our members are generally medium to large-sized companies from various sectors, including finance, legal, professional services, FMCGs and diversified industry. The whole company including subsidiaries within Singapore becomes a member.

We don’t offer membership to individuals, charities and not for profit organisations.
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Non-members can still take advantage of the great support the MindForward Alliance provides businesses, including our Thriving at Work Assessment, newsletters, public events and our consultancy services.

MindForward Alliance members are responsible for shaping the direction of mental wellbeing within their organisation. As part of their membership, our members commit to:

  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing in their organisation
  • Assigning a senior sponsor and member lead as primary contacts for the MindForward Alliance.
  • Attend a minimum of 75% MindForward Alliance events each year. We will hold a minimum of 6 events across various locations where MindForward Alliance and City Mental Health Alliance are present.
  • Be an active member of the MindForward Alliance community, willing to connect with other members, share approaches and best practices and participate in collaborative working groups
  • Participate in the annual the MindForward Alliance Thriving at Work Benchmarking Assessment
  • Engage in a mental health initiative that encourages employees to share their experiences with mental health within the organisation and on MindForward Alliance platform.
  • Be prepared to host a MindForward Alliance member-focused event.

When you contact us about membership, we will arrange an introductory call with you to see if your organisation could benefit from membership of the MindForward Alliance.

If you decide to progress with membership, we will send an application form to get the process started. Once that has been submitted, we will get your Membership Agreement in place and start your onboarding process.

One of the first things you will probably do as a member, is to begin your Thriving at Work Assessment.
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Unfortunately, we do not offer individual memberships. Only medium to large organisations can be members of the MindForward Alliance.