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We are excited to share a Global Toolkit for Planning and Building Your Workplace Mental Health Strategy.  This toolkit is designed to help guide and inspire organisations in the planning or growth stages of their workplace mental health strategy.

Key highlights of the toolkit include:
  • Practical guidance on developing an action plan to support good mental health in your organization.
  • Insights on promoting an open culture around mental health and eliminating stigma.
  • Strategies to empower employees to manage their own mental health and support each other effectively.
The toolkit also provides case studies, resource recommendations, and a data-driven approach to help you measure progress and make informed decisions.

This is put together by The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health  with contributions from: International SOS, Bupa Global, Sheena Pirbhai, EDP, Newmont Corporation, HCA Healthcare UK and Puget Sound Energy

I encourage you to explore this invaluable resource and leverage its insights to enhance workplace well-being within your organization.

Click the image to get the guide.