Winning Mind, Winning Life: Balancing Ambition with Wellbeing

Ready to achieve your goals without sacrificing your wellbeing?

Join us for “Winning Mind, Winning Life,” a dynamic discussion exploring the crucial balance between ambition and wellbeing. Learn from an elite athlete, successful business leaders, and a psychologist cum professor as they share their personal victories and practical strategies for:

  • Redefining “winning” to include mental health and personal fulfillment
  • Building resilience to navigate high pressure and setbacks
  • Achieving peak performance without burnout
  • Cultivating a workplace culture that supports both ambition and well-being

Leave equipped with actionable steps to:

  • Boost your mental fitness and unlock your full potential
  • Create a thriving environment for yourself and your team
  • Achieve true success in all areas of life

Target Audience:

· Professionals at all levels: This event is relevant to individuals across various industries and career stages, from young professionals to seasoned leaders.

· Ambitious individuals: Those seeking to optimize their performance and achieve their goals while prioritizing their mental health.

· People interested in personal growth: Anyone seeking to learn practical strategies for building resilience, navigating pressure, and cultivating sustainable success.

· Organizational leaders: Managers and decision-makers who want to create thriving work cultures that foster wellbeing and high performance.

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