Winning Mind, Winning Life: Balancing Ambition with Wellbeing

Winning Mind, Winning Life: Balancing Ambition with Wellbeing

Ready to achieve your goals without sacrificing your wellbeing?

Join us for “Winning Mind, Winning Life,” a dynamic discussion exploring the crucial balance between ambition and wellbeing. Learn from an elite athlete, successful business leaders, and a psychologist cum professor as they share their personal victories and practical strategies for:

  • Redefining “winning” to include mental health and personal fulfillment
  • Building resilience to navigate high pressure and setbacks
  • Achieving peak performance without burnout
  • Cultivating a workplace culture that supports both ambition and well-being

Leave equipped with actionable steps to:

  • Boost your mental fitness and unlock your full potential
  • Create a thriving environment for yourself and your team
  • Achieve true success in all areas of life

Target Audience:

· Professionals at all levels: This event is relevant to individuals across various industries and career stages, from young professionals to seasoned leaders.

· Ambitious individuals: Those seeking to optimize their performance and achieve their goals while prioritizing their mental health.

· People interested in personal growth: Anyone seeking to learn practical strategies for building resilience, navigating pressure, and cultivating sustainable success.

· Organizational leaders: Managers and decision-makers who want to create thriving work cultures that foster wellbeing and high performance.

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Empowering Mental Health in the Workplace

The event will feature the following highlights:

  • Dragon Quest: A light-hearted yet thought-provoking short film that sheds light on the challenges faced by young individuals seeking help for their mental health.
  • Panel Discussion on the topic of “Having a Sustainable Workplace Mental Health Strategy”: Gain valuable insights from industry experts and business leaders as they discuss and share strategies for creating a sustainable and supportive mental health environment in the workplace.
  • Launch of Thriving at Work Lite Guide: Explore a succinct guide that provides a glimpse into the comprehensive array of measures designed to support businesses in developing mental health strategies within their professional setting.
  • Awards Ceremony: Celebrate the achievements of businesses that have demonstrated their commitment to mental health in the workplace by meeting or exceeding the 9 standards in the Thriving at Work Guide.

This event is designed for senior business leaders and wellbeing leads who are committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace for their team. We invite you to join us to discover practical strategies and share best practices for creating a supportive environment where employees can feel safe, valued, and productive.

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Supporting Employees Through Grief​

In this webinar, we will open up conversations about grief, breaking free from the silence that often surrounds it.  Learn about the importance of recognizing and acknowledging grief as a natural part of the human experience.

We will explore the many faces of grief as we navigate through its various stages, symptoms, and types. From coping with the loss of loved ones to navigating the challenges of missed career opportunities, departing friendships, and changing lifestyles.

Learn effective coping strategies and practical tools that you can embrace during these challenging times.

We will also explore the role of employers in supporting their grieving employees.  By creating compassionate work environments and implementing supportive measures, employers can make a significant difference in assisting employees through their grief journey.

Building Psychologically Safe Spaces at Work & Home

Psychological safety is essential for fostering a mentally healthy workplace and home environment in which people can thrive.

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The Official Launch of MindForward Alliance Singapore

Welcome to the launch of MindForward Alliance Singapore & the presentation of our Parent’s Guide to Mental Health in Children & Adolescents

Watch the launch video