Expert speakers share how businesses can empower their people to manage and prioritise their own mental health, as well as support the mental health of their teams and colleagues.

Chaired by Robyn Vernon-Harcourt, Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health Programme Director, event contributors include:
Iman Gibson, Director Wellbeing – Global, Visa
Tim Ackroyd, Global Talent Senior Manager – Mental Health, Deloitte

Our speakers share their insights and tips on practical activities businesses can take to support their people manage their mental health, how to adopt an inclusive approach to speak to different demographics, cultures and locations within your organisation, and how to support team leaders and managers be a catalyst to spread positive change across the organisation.

This is the 5th webinar in our Pledge with Us series and is designed to support you and your business take positive steps to progress Pledge Commitment 4 of our Leadership Pledge: Empowering all our people to manage and prioritise their own mental health and to support one another.